10 comments on “Social responsibility and public relations: How Fellowship Church is giving back to its community

  1. rhebe48 says:

    Well, it sounds like Red Stick PR has its plan in order. I think it is great that you all are delegating tasks, because that is a key factor in running a smooth event.

    Here are a few tips for guaranteeing your event is a successful one: http://www.soschildrensvillages.ca/child-charity/volunteer-your-time/event-suggestions/pages/10-steps-to-a-successful-event.aspx.

    I am not sure if you all want additional donations for food and things of that nature, but for 360 Communication’s event we talked with Canes, Yogurtland and Coyote Blues. All of the above places offered nice goodies and prizes for our event, I am sure they would probably do the same for you all.

    I absolutely love the idea of being as transparent as possible to your audience. I looked at the “Our PR Team” and I am definitely going to suggest that to our agency. I think that is a great way for your audience to see who Red Stick PR really is. It is incredibly important to be visible to your audience and followers, nothing is worse then hiding behind a curtain. Transparency has become second nature to PR professionals, therefore when it is not present it can become an occasion for negative PR.

    Here’s a good read on transparency: http://prfirms.org/voice/2010/transparency-is-it-good-pr.

  2. An event to honor local teachers is a great way for Fellowship Church and Redstick PR to be socially responsible and connect with the local community. The designs created by your design director reflect themes that are easy for the community and the target audiences to understand, and are visually pleasing. Providing the community with an opportunity to honor teachers, dig into good food, and listen to great music, shows the community that Fellowship Church is eager to be socially responsible and make an impact in the community.

    The LSU Bateman team faced a conflict of what type of event to host to reach our target audience. Middle schoolers and their families aren’t eager to speak about bullying, so we created events that were brought to them. Instead of inviting people to an event, we went to events and locations with the goal of speaking to passersby. Fortunately, we chose locations that allowed us to be successful at reaching our target audiences.

    For more information about the 2013 Bateman Case Study Competition or to follow the progress of the LSU Bateman team, visit http://www.prssa.org/scholarships_competitions/bateman/. For more information about me, visit my personal website (www.remydanielleplas.weebly.com) or find me on Twitter (@RemyDanielle), and Instagram (@RemyDanielle).

    Good luck with the remainder of your campaign!

  3. mcglobal360 says:

    I think the plans for your event sound great so far. Since we at 360 Communications have already had our event, I can tell you that the end result is very rewarding. The key is finding a way to appeal to your target audience. For us, we easily decided that free crawfish was a great way to draw a crowd full of college students. Your target audience is much different. A teacher appreciation event is a great way to appeal to your older, church-going crowd. It says that your organization appreciates education, a value definitely shared by your audience.

    I also think having a live band is a great way to improve your guests’ experiences. The weakest aspect of our event was our lack of entertainment. We had speakers set up and music playing, but we had to rely on Pandora. An older audience will enjoy a live band very much. Jambalaya is also a good choice to serve. We hit a lag in our event when we were waiting for our second batch of crawfish to arrive. People began to get slightly antsy. This will not happen for you, which is good. Overall, I am looking forward to reading about how your event goes in the future and am hopeful it will be a success.

    -Martin Black, Account liaison

  4. cwalth2 says:

    Holding a teacher appreciation event definitely helps accomplish Red Stick PR’s goal of aiding Fellowship Church in forming relationships with the community. This event’s sole purpose is to do just that. As mentioned in your post you’re not trying to raise money or showcase the church. The event is a selfless act for the church.
    To further form a relationship with the community, I would try to think of something that can be distributed or created for the members who attend the event to take home. Your event name is extremely catchy. It reminded me of Spring and gardening. I believe it could be extremely beneficial if maybe you had a plant giveaway or a planting station. I understand the monetary constraints of giveaways, so maybe you could focus them purely on the teachers.
    Through personal experience and research, To Be Honest had determined that people are more receptive and engaged when receiving an incentive or thanks. At our educational sessions, we distributed stickers, buttons, wristbands and candy to encourage participation in not only our sessions but also our social media. We had huge success.
    I believe tangible incentives that can be used or seen for long periods of time create a recurring memory that reminds us of the purpose of the incentive. For To Be Honest, it was to not participate in bullying. For Fellowship Church, it could be to remember its stewardship and its desire to form connections with the community.

    For more information about our To Be Honest campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me through Facebook (cwalth2) or Twitter (@cwalth2). For more information about me, visit my personal website (www.camillewalther.com).

  5. Bridge Communications says:

    Social responsibility is a very important part of any organization. As a new church, I think this is a great way to not only give back to the community, but be noticed by community members. Traditionally, when I think of a day of service, I only think about the manual labor that is going to be accomplished. I think it is a very neat idea to make the day of service into a party with the crafts, face painting, games, inflatables, etc. This makes it an event for the entire family, and one that people will want to bring their friends too. Also, it is a way for members of the church to interact with members of the community in a casual manner. This is a creative way to help build awareness for the church and positive reputation.

    It is interesting to me to learn about the process you are taking for your event because it is completely opposite of the event that Bridge Communications is putting on for the Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy. Our main goal for the event is fundraising for the school but our secondary goal is raising awareness. Our event is a more formal, casino night geared strictly for adults. However, the process of working with companies for silent auction items and donations has helped raise awareness of the school in the Baton Rouge community. Did Red Stick PR find out that you taught more people in the community about Fellowship Church when trying to garner donations for the raffle or discounts for food?

    If Fellowship Church is planning on having this event each year, a suggestion is for them to create a sponsorship packet. This will help raise awareness by going out to different companies to ask for donations as well as help for fundraising for the church. We are Bridge Communications created a five page sponsorship packet that has not only brought legitimacy to the event, but also has made it easier for use when asking for donations. The title page was designed by our design director and included a logo for the event, time and date as well as Hope Academy’s logo. The second page explained Bridge Communications relationship with the school and information about the school. The third page included what, where and when of the event. The fourth page was one of the most important pages because here explained the different sponsorship levels and marketing opportunities available for potential sponsors. Lastly, the fifth page was the sponsorship or donation request document. So far we have gotten approximately 20 silent auction items donated and are still waiting to hear from many contacted companies. I feel that the professionalism of using a sponsorship packet was a huge help when collecting these donations.

    -Sarah Lichterman, account liaison

  6. Hi Red Stick PR!

    It seems like your team is doing a great job at dividing up the work. It’s always easier when everyone does his or her part to make the machine run smoother. For the To Be Honest campaign, we each had to take on our own parts and make sure the job was completed with excellence.

    I enjoyed reading about the process of planning the event. I agree that it’s easiest to cater food for an event if the budget allows for it. I think Red Stick PR is on the path to hosting a successful event!

    I am especially interested in social responsibility, and I love that the church is able to demonstrate its commitment to the community through the event. Celebrating the people who touch the community daily is not only a wonderful idea but is also a sure way to generate positive awareness of Fellowship Church. It truly shows the heart of the church is to impact the community and to bring love and life to its surrounding areas.

    I wish your team the best of luck as the campaign comes to a close!

    Follow me on Twitter @jackieduhon.

  7. Ben Martisius says:

    I heard that the jambalaya event at Jambalaya Park was a big success. Congratulations Red Stick team!
    It’s interesting to look back and see how the decision was made to hold this sort of event. Most organizations are constantly making a grab for money and won’t do anything unless there is a profit to be made. That doesn’t sound like a church at all, though, and it’s great to hear how generous your client is when it comes to giving back to the community.
    The jambalaya discount and sides brought from church members had to go a long way in keeping this event under budget and I’m really impressed with how much your client was willing to pitch in. Campaigns like these with struggle without cooperation and recommending a band, providing food and actually showing up proved that y’all have formed a great relationship with the Church.
    Using that cooperation to put on an event for community members was a smart way to get the most out of both a religious institution and a public relations team. Also, using the members of the church was a good way to get volunteers and put out the word for your big event!

  8. mcglobal360 says:

    A teacher appreciation event is a wonderful way to demonstrate social responsibility and to give back to the community, especially since that community is your target audience. Jambalaya was a great idea too and it sounds like you really catered it to your event and who would be there, it’s easy and simple, and cost effective. 360’s event as well had the food component to it and we knew we could really reach our audience by providing something that all Louisianan’s love, crawfish! It looks like Red Stick was definitely organized and ready to make this event as successful as it was.

    It’s also great to see that you all have learned to work well together with such a dynamic and different team. 360 Communications also has learned to work as a team while raising awareness for our client SmokingWords this semester. We found that each member of the team brings something unique to the group, and have learned to really listen to each other and understand that differing opinions and ideas will lead to a much more thought out solution to any problems.

    Good luck with the rest of your work with Fellowship Church, it looks like you all are learning a lot! If you would like to learn more about our semester with SmokingWords, check out our blog or SmokingWords Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SmokingWords).

    -Alyssa Braden
    Writing director
    360 Communications

  9. As the resident designer for the To Be Honest campaign, I gravitated towards this posts with event collateral. I really enjoyed the theme of your postcard. The primary colors and ruler are the perfect touch to reach your target audience of South Ascension parish teachers. Most people would have plastered it with apples and crayons. The subtlety of the design works extremely well. I wish the flier and postcard connected more than just color combinations. The teacher theme is still prevalent with the notebook paper but I would have preferred a continuation of the ruler. This is just a suggestion for future design work. Continuity helps reinforce your campaign brand and messages.

    Your client seemed very involved in every aspect of your campaign. This is a great relationship to have and maintain. Constant client communication and feedback helps keep the service-learning course mutually benefit for your agency and your client. The donations from the church and its members helped keep your event under budget. I understand that your agency’s event budget allowed for the discounted food from the Jambalaya Shoppe but I think you could have possibly gotten all of this donated with more research. The ad exposure that was given to the Jambalaya Shoppe in return was worth way more than the discount given to your agency. My work, the ALS Association Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter, hosts several walks a year and serve jambalaya for the same reasons. We usually can get food and service donated OR may pay for the ingredients and the cooking and service is donated. If you would like to discuss tactics to approach for donations, please email me at cmorea5@lsu.edu.

  10. mcglobal360 says:

    Great job on the event! Coming up with a creative event and theme can take a huge amount of team effort. I’m glad to hear y’all came together to host a successful event. For 360 Communications, it was definitely a collaborative team effort. We had a few situations arise, but we were able to quickly resolve them.

    I think it is a great idea to update the blog with an “Our PR Team” page. After creating an online portfolio, I realized how important blog posting and transparency to viewers really is. Constantly updating the public is a great value to have in the field of public relations. It builds trust, credibility and personality. It is also important to build this trust with the community, especially with Fellowship Church being new to the Baton Rouge area. Developing a strong presence in a community with hundreds of large churches already can be challenging. However, I think that y’all have done an excellent job with the campaign.

    -Adrienne Henk
    Research Director,
    360 Communications

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